What should I know about employment contracts in Germany?

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If the employer and employee suit each other, a written contract of employment is usually drawn up. A verbal agreement is also possible in principle, but in the event of a dispute is hard to prove.

There is no fixed form for a contract of employment. However, certain points should be defined:

  • The area of activity with a concrete description of tasks
  • The date from which the contract is valid
  • The daily and/or weekly working hours
  • The duration of the probationary period or, in the case of short-term contracts, the duration of the agreement
  • The remuneration
  • Leave allowance
  • A ruling on the notice period
  • A declaration of confidentiality
  • If applicable, a ban on the employee working for a competitor for a two-year period after leaving the company
  • Possible secondary occupations

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