What are our options for recruiting and job posting in Germany for American companies?

Is your company looking – in the U.S. or in Germany – for a recruiting agency, personnel service or online job board that can help you fill a position in US-German operations, stateside or in your German subsidiary (or headquarters, if your company is Germany-based)?

Check out the Recruiting and Job Posting Services Comparison Chart!

Are you in search of sales managers or sales engineers, automotive or manufacturing engineers, accountants or other finance professionals, quality assurance specialists, administrative or executive assistants, or lawyers licensed to practice both in the US and in Germany?

Then you may find the Recruitment and Job Posting Comparison Chart helpful that the Germany-USA Career Center has developed:

Recruitment and Job Posting Services Comparison Chart for US-German Markets

This comparative overview of personnel search tools and services available to your company when looking to fill a position in our niche is constantly updated. We welcome the valuable input and feedback from Career Center users and clients, which enables us to update this chart frequently.

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