How can I post a "Position Sought" ad (German: "Stellengesuch")?

Once you have created your  free job search account at the Germany-USA Career Center, you have the option to announce your availability for long-term employment or contract work to companies and recruiters by posting a Position Sought / Stellengesuch advertisement that will be published Position Sought postings are published on this page.

While "Stellengesuche" are more common in Germany than in the U.S., we recommend this option if you

  • prefer to keep your identity private, because you don't want your current employer to find out about your job search;
  • don't have your CV / resume ready yet for upload into our database (it's free), but would like to get your search started anyway;
  • would like to get "on the screen" of companies and recruiters in your industry who use Internet search engines to find potential employees like yourself.

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