How much does it cost for job seekers to use the Germany-USA Career Center?

Membership in the Germany-USA Career Center is FREE for applicants.

Other than some organizations in the field, we do not - and will not ever - charge individual membership fees for job seekers.

A word of caution: It pays to read the fine print, i.e. User Agreements. One of those organizations (in the U.S.) allows job seekers to upload their application free of charge, but then actually charges them for access to their own resume when they need to modify or update it in the organization's database.

Uploading resumes, modifying, updating and keeping them on file for potential employers is free of charge at the Germany-USA Career Center.

You do not have to sign a contract. There are also no charges once you get hired by one of our clients.

Our services are paid for by the hiring company. We will not ask you to provide credit card information or Social Security Number when creating your applicant profile.

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